Last month I turned 25 and I spent some time thinking about what I’d like the next year to look like. I like to make lists. They are a way for me to dream and plan. Here are 26 things that I would like to do before I turn 26.

  • Travel to a new state
  • Do a wine tasting in Cedarburg, WI at a vineyard
  • Learn to cook more well-rounded vegetarian meals
  • Bake or cook 10 recipes I have saved on Pinterest- Biscotti, quiche…
  • Go to more outdoor free concerts and community events
  • Host a brunch
  • Host a cocktail party
  • Hang art
  • Host craft nights
  • Photo Shoot with my girls- sisters and friends
  • Complete five DIY’s from Pinterest board including:
    • Plant stand
    • Macrame Hanging Plant
    • Magnetic strip frame
    • Any ideas? What should I make?
  • Pilgrimage to shrine in Green Bay
  • No eating out for a month
  • Run 1 mile under 9/10 mins (ik, I’m an embarrassment)
  • Give blood at least a few times throughout the year
  • Print all my pictures
  • Back up all pictures in multiple places
  • Back up my computer
  • Knit a hat
  • Crochet something
  • Ikea hack- shelf system for my bedroom
  • Install a pegboard in bedroom
  • Style living room
  • Make blogging more of a habit
  • Camp
  • Learn how to make basic cocktails

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