If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Insta you know we’ve had an exciting week-an updated version of one of our previous blog posts is live on Verily Magazine!  One of my goals when Clare and I started this blog was eventually publishing my writing somewhere, and it’s been so cool to see this article shared so many times! Check it out here:

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to work with Verily to share my thoughts with a wider audience, and I hope it sparked some worthwhile conversations. I’ve loved hearing from old friends this week as they shared their words of support and thoughts on my article.

I owe a special thanks to Clare, for encouraging me to submit this, as well as giving me deadlines to make this happen. And thank you all for being an amazingly supportive audience and place for us to share our voice. We truly can’t do it without you!

If there’s something that you’ve been waiting to do- go for it!

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