As the weather starts to cool down and leaves start to change, I put together a list of fall activities to motivate myself to actually do the things I’m interested in. I like to organize; planning and writing lists thrills me. Nerd, I know. But writing lists and planning is a way to dream about what could be. It’s exciting! It’s also important to me to try new things, go to new places, and have new experiences mixed in with my tried and true favorites. When I haven’t gone beyond my comfort zone in while, I start to get restless. Some of these ideas are specific to Milwaukee and Wisconsin, but most aren’t so you could do them anywhere.  I find that fall and winter are the times when I do more creative things because you can’t be outside quite so much.

  1. Fall Cocktail- Sangria is the bomb and an apple-y fall sangria?! Sign me up!

2. Milwaukee has a Harvest Festival and I have never attended! It looks like lot’s of fun.

3. Make this cool candle! Think of how amazing this candle would smell while burning! I also like this craft because it looks simple and has a big impact.

4. Go on a Fall hike. Hiking when the air is crisp, there are few bugs, and the leaves are changing is the best. The Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Milwaukee is fantastic. They have gorgeous amounts of fall colors and the park is situated on a cliff above lake Michigan so you have the added bonus of lake views while you hike. I’d like to explore more of their trails.Check out this awesome fall fungus I found hiking last week.

Fungus found hiking.
Fungus found hiking.

5.Read a book in the woods. I love to hear the rustle of leaves in a peaceful wood. So relaxing. I would like to spend a few hours on a picnic blanket reading under the fall colors.

6. Host a fall brunch and make this amazing french toast!

Did I give you any new ideas? What’s on your fall bucket list?

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