The end of the year is a great time to look back on what you have accomplished and set goals. Erika and I are so proud that we started Lavender Daydreaming this year! It’s been so fun and fulfilling. We’d like to wrap up this year with some of our favorite posts. In no particular order here we go!

  1. My favorite look is Erika’s Dreamy Floral dress (we made it on Old Navy!)

2. This post Erika wrote truly captures modern love and romance-

catching feelings: the value of commitment in a hook up world

3. This post on how we feel when posting vulnerable content really resonated with other bloggers-

Blogging Secrets-How we Really Feel When Posting

4. This post I wrote about feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. It was freeing to publish and I was able to connect with so many friends by sharing my struggles-


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