College besties blogging from across the country in Phoenix and Milwaukee. We had always wanted to start a blog but our perfectionist qualities always got in the way. What if the name wasn’t good enough? What if our vision wasn’t clear enough? What if, what if, what if? One day we said au revoir to the what ifs and jumped in. Live fearlessly. Be bonafide. We hope to document our journey of living authentically and share everything that makes life beautiful.


img_1565.jpgErika here! Michigander by birth, raised in sunny AZ. The oldest of three, I was home-schooled for part of my childhood and grew up in Tempe. After high school, I spent a year at ASU, and then decided to venture off into the land of the bigger and better, Dallas, Texas, where I met my lovely co-author and partner-in-crime, Clare. After college, I somehow managed to convince her to follow me back to Phoenix for a while.

At the moment, I spend most of my time working on a PhD in Math Education, which means I get funny looks and comments when I meet people for the first time. When I’m not nerding out in the Ivory Tower about new ways to teach Calculus, I love taking advantage of the Arizona landscape. Everyone that comes to visit me knows the Camelback hike is my jam-followed up by Acai bowls, of course. I like lots of other fun things like live music, good books, Banana Republic, whiskey, deep convos and Thai food. I’m inspired by beauty in its many forms, but especially nature, math (did I mention I’m a nerd?), literature, children, and the Orthodox faith. This is one beautiful life we’re living and I can’t wait to talk about it with you!

img_1858.jpgHi, everybody! I’m Clare, Midwest born and raised. I am very close to my family in Milwaukee. I am the second oldest of eleven kids. We have fun. 🙂 The last two years I spent living in Phoenix but I just moved back to Milwaukee. I first left home to go to college in Dallas and after graduation moved to Phoenix for adventure and a teaching job (and to hang out with Erika–my forever and always girl crush). Phoenix has been a dream but after two years I am ready to be back in Wisconsin. I’m a little nervous to have left my community and friends in Phoenix but SO excited to be living near my family again. I can’t wait to find all new favorite coffee spots, restaurants, and boutiques!

I am more breadth and less depth as far as creative skill goes. There are tons of crafty and artistic things that I am interested in. Mainly I enjoy sewing, gardening, knitting, baking, and painting. Also, anything and everything plant-related. I love researching new projects and sometimes get stuck in research mode and don’t move into actually doing and creating. So, I have a hidden agenda in starting this blog. Hopefully, it will be a way to add some structure and discipline to my creative life, forcing me to continue to learn, seek inspiration, and grow my creative skills. I’ve been taking an online drawing class and I found a pottery studio where I’m hoping to take a class! I also love to sit at the pool with a good book to unwind after a long week, something I will miss about Phoenix. I love to travel and plan travel. Inspiration is so easy when you are being exposed to other cultures. Currently, Erika and I are dreaming big and saving our pennies up to go Iceland!

Ever since we met that fateful first week in Dallas, we’ve been inseparable. We’ve lived together in lots of different places-including a semester in Rome, where we trounced all throughout Europe. Now that distance is separating our adventures, we hope this joint project will be another way to stay connected. This is just the beginning!