Erika and I disagree about something blog-related. Pretty minor, but I’ll share. I say that our blog started when we started our Instagram but Erika says it’s when the first post was up and public. If you go by my date, June 6, then we’ve been bloggers for over 6 months! If you go by Erika’s, June 28, we have still been bloggers for just under 6 still impressive months. Either way, we’re celebrating!

Have we always been consistent? Nope. Have we grown and learned and refined our blog? Definitely. There have been so many expectations both of us had for the blog that we’ve had to shift. For example, I love to diy and craft and I thought a large portion of what I would contribute would be diy posts. I posted a recipe or two but besides that no crafts have been done. I have found that photographing the process of diy-ing takes a lot of the joy out of the project. I’m speaking for her but I think Erika expected to post outfit picture much more frequently than she has had time for. Maybe that is just because I’m not there to take pictures of her. 🙂 (Erika here- it’s true!)

Both of us have been surprised by how much we LOVE to write our thought pieces. Writing is a way to refine your thoughts and both Erika and I get a lot out of the act of writing these posts. I have been humbled by the responses our posts get by our real life friends. Let’s be honest, most of you readers know us, NOT a bad thing. We love and appreciate each and every one of you so much! I am constantly humbled that my friends and family take the time to read my disjointed thoughts. Anyway, we have received a few texts, comments, and had conversations about our posts and how they connect with our friends. We love that we can be a voice for someone’s doubts and struggles. How wonderful to know that we are truly all in this together. So much of our world is a pretense, a glossy magazine version of real life, and Erika and I are fighting against that.

Thank you readers and friends for giving Erika and I a voice! Here’s to the blogging adventure ahead!

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