A Summer Flow-y Top

Uniforms connote limiting our freedom of expression- maybe you think of military, school uniforms, or police uniforms. But, I think uniforms actually lessen stress thereby making us happier. Recently I read a Verily article on how to choose a ‘look’ or ‘uniform’ for yourself so that shopping is easier and I completely agree. You choose a fit of clothing that you feel good in and stick to it. Your look could be over-sized on top with a skinny leg. Maybe you are more of a cardigan and pencil skirt kind of a girl or maybe you love wearing a-line dresses. Once you narrow down your silhouette you shop within those parameters. It makes shopping a breeze because you are limiting yourself to things that you love. It makes it less likely that you will impulse buy something trendy that never gets worn.

I looked at my own wardrobe and realized that I love wearing flow-y tops and skinny bottoms. My closet is full of pencil skirts, skinny jeans, over sized sweaters and blouses. I have shopped since this analysis of my closet and each time its a breeze! On top of that, I feel good in what I am wearing. Look at the silhouettes you have in your closet and keep that in mind next time you shop. It really takes stress out of shopping because you can say no to things that don’t fit into your look.

Here are some ideas if YOU love to have a breezy top and skinny bottoms.

PS: So sorry if anyone noticed the site’s craziness today. I was having some technical difficulties while trying to post this.

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