A couple weeks ago, Clare wrote about how we should be mindful about what we consume and I definitely agree. While we shouldn’t live sheltered lives, there is something to be said for acknowledging the effects of what we take in. Even in our leisurely internet-browsing, the things we take the time to dwell on and soak in should be things that inspire us, challenge us, and help us to grow.  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite spots for virtual inspiration.

1. Life/education Inspiration: TED Talks– Everything from new scientific discoveries to the mysteries of how our brains work, to forgiveness, to how to be a better listener. Great podcasts to listen to if you have a commute, too!

2. Lifestyle/beauty Inspiration: Darling and Verily-Two great magazine blogs that promote authenticity for modern women and are anti-photoshop! Here you’ll find style tips, recipes, articles on timely social issues, relationship advice, stories of successful women, and more, all in the spirit of quietly challenging the often superficial digital-media age.

3. Literary/Philosophical Inspiration: Brain Pickings– A site dedicated to meaningful content, a collection of mini-essays combining quotes from authors and philosophers, classic and modern, exploring various themes such as love, identity, and creativity, and delving into ideas of psychology, art, emotion, and the human person. Definitely helps fill the void of those late-night philosophical talks we miss from our time as an undergrad at a liberal arts college.

4. Style Inspiration: Kendi Everyday. I’ve been following Kendi for about 5 years now and have loved watching her blog and style evolve over the years. Her focus on re-mixing her wardrobe and her 30 X 30 challenge are some of my favorite posts of hers.

5 For when you just want to look at beautiful pictures: Modern Girls and Old-Fashioned Men-pinterest-worthy pretty shots of desserts, babies, and well-dressed people, sprinkled with some quality quotes. All Things Europe-beautifully curated collection of European travel photos.

6. Bonus: Math Nerd Inspiration on Numberphile– lots of fun, accessible videos from British mathematicians about famous paradoxes or weird cool parts of mathematics. Be warned, ye who enter here, nerd-level: high.

I’m always on the hunt for more blogs to follow or new writers to read. What are your favorite corners of the internet?


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