A few weeks ago, when I still lived in Phoenix the summer highs were really getting to us. We were looking for an escape and decided on a day trip to Sedona. This beautiful read rock town north of Phoenix is a nice break from the heat and there is a little river, Oak Creek, that runs through much of the area. We drove up early in the morning with a friend from college.

West Fork Trail.jpg

We started the morning with a hike along West Fork, a gorgeous trail that criss-crossed over Oak Creek. The trailhead had an estimated 80 minute wait to park! So we crossed our fingers and parked on the street.



img_1920.jpgWe pretty much danced along the trail. The joy of seeing water, being in trees, the cool weather. It. was. perfect.


After the hike, we had worked up an appetite and went to my favorite Sedona coffee shop, Oak Creek Indian Gardens for lunch. They have this little back patio with lap blankets for when it’s cold. It’s the most precious place and their food and coffee is delicious!


The last stop we made was to visit Tlaquepaque Village. Tlaquepaque is a higher end art and gift shopping village. It didn’t feel like we were even in the United states anymore. Tile, plants, cobblestone streets. It felt very European to us.

Our trip was a perfect getaway for the day from the unbearable heat of the Valley. Sedona is a must if you are ever visiting Arizona.



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