I’m a huge list-writer and goal-maker. It is so satisfying to check things off and accomplish them. It also helps me to evaluate where I am and what practical tasks can get me where I would like to be. Our blog could use some goal-setting to launch us into the new year, so here are some of the things we would like to accomplish in the next year.

  1. One-thousand Instagram followers through
    • Consistent posting
    • Consistent theme and message
    • Interaction with other lifestyle bloggers and readers
  1. One blog post a week
    • This just means that each one us has about two weeks each month. WE GOT THIS!
  1. Posts written and scheduled a week out.
    • This means some planning and forethought but we can do this too! No last minute posts.
  1. No posting just to have something posted. Erika and I have been really good at this. We want our content to be strong and if that means we don’t post every once-in-awhile- that’s ok. Though, please see #2 🙂

Do you have New Year’s Goals? Share with us!


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