What’s your best first date tip? I have a couple to share with you that have helped me navigate the pressure of that first meeting!

When I go on a first date I have a sort of a ritual to prepare myself. It helps me stay calm by sticking to a routine. The day of, I try to keep busy so that I am not spending extra energy on worrying. When I get ready I allow plenty of time because it is no fun to be late and have that added stress. I like to listen to fun upbeat songs. By deciding things ahead of time, I don’t stress about my outfits or makeup. I stick with clothes that make me feel really confident(usually the same outfit or two) and I do very minimal makeup. I like the vulnerability of this. It forces me to be confident. I don’t wear very much even when dressing up but somehow wearing less makeup on a date makes me feel even more the importance of really being myself.

On the way, when I am driving to the date, I often pray the rosary and ask specifically for peace and confidence and that I can help the other person feel peaceful and have fun. If you aren’t a religious person- turn off the music and simply practice your breathing on the way which will help you stay calm and confident. You can even do a silly exercise by going through everything you are grateful for in your life. This changes your mindset completely.

If you haven’t been able to tell already– I really like to be prepared. 🙂  Having a few questions ready about the other person helps so I also spend a minute or two on this. These questions are different every time and depend on how well I know the person. My very best first date tip would be to prepare a silly question. I love silly would-you-rathers or what-would-you-do-if sorts of questions. It tells me so much about a person whether they can or can’t entertain these silly questions. Unless the person feels like talking about a nonsense question is beneath them (which has happened) the question usually starts a nonsense argument that breaks any awkwardness.


How do you prepare for a first date? Any tips to share? Let us know!

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Best First Date Tip?”

  1. Great article! I’d have to say my go to ritual before hand is texting my girls for extra prayers and a confidence boost 🙂 and I definitely do the same with thinking through one or two questions beforehand to combat any awkward silence!

    1. I do the same! I’m a classic over thinker who needs the support of my girls before a date. 🙂 -Clare

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